About Physique Transformations

Finding the best personal trainers

It can sometimes feel like you are playing lucky dip when looking for a personal trainer. Here we will tell you a little about Physique Transformations, our philosophy and a little back ground history on Joe Murphy our Head Trainer and Founder as well. We’ll also tell you where you can get access to him and his team in facilities across Sydney.

All of our trainers all use the same training methods and techniques. In an effort to find the best and optimal way to assist our clients in achieving their goals, this is a very science and research based approach. There are many ways to lose weight (including methods with are not particularly safe), but we only advocate the optimal way; Educating our clients, assisting them in achieving their goals safely and so they can maintain this for life.

Ready to start training?

If you’d like to know more about personal training with Physique Transformations, please give us a call in Sydney on 0431 589 153, or contact us.