About Physique Transformations

Physique Transformations is a personal training business with the sole purpose of providing our clients with the OPTIMAL way of losing, or gaining “weight” AKA obtaining your ideal body composition. Put simply, body composition is used to describe the percentages of fat, bone, water and muscle in human bodies. So whether you want to lose body fat, gain muscle, tone up – we are the experts you can rely on.

Testimonial – Chris Diaz

After scans showing narrowing of the C5/6 disc space and thoracic scoliosis plus a problem with both the right and left rotator cuffs, add arthritic knees with a torn meniscus and spurs on the right ankle; I was a mess.

I decided that I wanted to treat my injuries through exercise and that’s where Joe kicked in. His exercise routines have provided structural strength and added flexibility. The exercise routines have progressively been amended to accommodate for my improvement.

The training was able to get be back on the soccer field and over the course of the training we have not just focused on structural and flexibility but also added routines to increase my speed. Of course there have been added benefits, weight control, improved immune system and a happier family.

It feels very cool that I can now mix it up with youngsters half my age on the soccer field, I can bench press my body weight (70Kg), this may not sound impressive but noting I couldn’t lift 30Kg without pain, I’m pretty pleased.

I can’t impress enough on the benefits I have gained from the training provided by Joe*

We are a family business built on excellence in our field. Joe Murphy and Chris Nasr are not only great mates, but Chris trained under Joe seven years ago as an apprentice personal trainer. With a shared love of Rugby League they joined forces so the general public could access the scientifically optimal method of training.

physique-transformations-team-photoBetween us we have over 21 years of PT experience and all staff at Physique Transformations are mentored by Joe so that no matter who your trainer is, the level of service you receive and the training methodologies align.

Based in the heart of Sydney (Enfield/South Strathfield), Physique Transformations operates out of their personal training studio. Our mobile personal trainers are flexible and can come to most Sydney locations.

Joe may have started out watching Rocky videos but ever since, has dedicated himself to the pursuit of knowledge. Wanting to know and understand how to serve his clients better.

Consequently, we have proven our excellence through client results and their transformations. So much so that people travel from all over Sydney to train with us.  As well as clientele from the inner western suburbs, current clients travel from the Sutherland Shire, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, South West Sydney, and the Lower Blue Mountains  because they know and trust our expertise.

All initial sessions with Physique Transformations are complimentary and obligation free, so should you want to see if we can assist you in your goals, please give us a call on 0431 589 153.

* Disclaimer: These testimonials are the individual results of Physique Transformations clients and have been supplied freely as an account of their personal experience. Physique Transformations would like to point out that individual results can vary. This depends on each patient’s physical health, diet and exercise, and strict adherence Physique Transformations programs.

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If you’d like to know more about personal training with Physique Transformations or book a complimentary, obligation free session, please give us a call in Sydney on 0431 589 153, or contact us.