Take your training to the next level

Are you tired of hitting the gym and not seeing great results?
Are you struggling to find the motivation you need to get moving?
Are you in need of a little support to find the right way to train?
Physique Transformations can help.

We’re a personal training company in Sydney, with a team of qualified, experienced trainers ready to motivate, educate and inspire you to achieve more.

Our personal training options

Do you love the gym? Or would you prefer training at home or in the great outdoors? At Physique Transformations we give you the choice.

Come to our state of the art studio in Enfield/South Strathfield

At our studio we offer:


Want the convenience of a trainer coming to you?

If gyms aren’t your thing, or time is precious and don’t want to lose time travelling to get your training on, mobile personal training is for you.

At Physique Transformations, we like nothing more than getting out and about, and training our clients where they prefer to be trained.

You choose the date, the time and the place, whether in the comfort of your own home, your backyard, a local park or your workplace.

Below are your options for Mobile Personal Training.



Our specialist personal training covers

Fat loss and toning

Improved cardiovascular fitness

Increased muscle mass and strength

Boxing training

Running and marathon training

Injury rehabilitation

Dietary and nutritional guidance

Ready to start training?

If you’d like to know more about personal training with Physique Transformations, please give us a call in Enfield on 0431 589 153, or contact us.