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Our one on one personal training and expert personal trainers give you the maximum in attention and motivation. If you have a specific training goal you want to achieve, or feel you need a little more support, individual training sessions are ideal. The only two trainers who do One on One Personal Training in the studio are Joe Murphy and Chris Nasr. This option is perfect for those whose needs are a little more complex, and require a trainer with years of experience or prefer having the sole attention of your expert trainer.

We’ll create a personalised program to help you achieve maximum results.

If you’re unsure about which type of training would suit you best, why not give us a call on 0431 589 153.

How it works

Individual personal training is tailored to your particular strengths, ability level and goals.

Session duration:
60 minutes
Suits:All levels
Participants:1 person
Location:Studio in Enfield


    • Body fat measurements: We’ll record your weight and girth measurements, conduct a skin fold test and assess your body fat percentage
    • In depth fitness testing: We use a series of tests designed to show us your ability. These include but are not limited to flexibility, structural balance and cardio tests.
    • Personalised program: Your trainer will create a tailored program to help you achieve your goals that will be reviewed and updated as you go.
    • My Fitness Pal tracking: We recommend our trainees use the free My Fitness Pal app to track calories and food intake. Your trainer will monitor your progress and keep you accountable.

Please note: No previous experience is required, and we accept trainees at all levels of ability.

Choose your trainers

Our personal trainers are experts in creating tailored training programs that deliver achievable results – fast.

Joe Murphy

Head Personal Trainer

Chris Nasr

Senior Personal Trainer

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If you’d like to know more about one on one personal training with Physique Transformations, please give us a call in Sydney on 0431 589 153, or contact us.

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