Cristina Zappia

Personal Trainer

img_1939Growing up being surrounded by sports highlighted my passion for health and fitness since the age of 5. Always being active, running around barefoot on the concrete with scrapes and bruises on my feet and knees, kicking the ball against the wall with sweat dripping down my face showed to my parents how much I loved being outdoors exercising and playing. My love for sports grew as my parents signed me up to play soccer and to little athletics at 5 years old. Just by doing these sports for fun and for a healthy lifestyle my parents saw something in me that was unique, and that was natural talent.

Over the years, this natural talent led me to big opportunities, along with hard work, dedication and consistency. These opportunities included playing in reps for soccer with APIA Leichhardt Tigers and Sydney Uni also going to Zone, Regional and States for Althetics, along with holding club records and school records for athletics and soccer, that still have not been beaten to this day, also receiving dozens of sports awards, trophies, medals and recognition in various sports, being the Colour House Captain for school and receiving the Pierre De Coubertin Award which is presented to a senior secondary student who demonstrate attributes consistent with Olympism through participation and commendable behaviour in sporting activities.

Through all my experiences and achievements, it has led me to become a personal trainer. I want to share my enthusiasm, motivation and dedication with other people, and what better way to do that then to be a trainer? Also through my compassionate side I want to help people transform their lives and feel comfortable and confident in their skin. I want to help people achieve their goals and undergo a journey with them full of fun and lots of hard work. I believe when you put your mind to whatever your goal is, good things will happen and success is your prize.

Cristina Zappia is a Personal Trainer based in our Enfield Studio.

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