About Us

The best private gym in the Inner West

Conveniently located on the border of Enfield and Strathfield, Physique Transformations is a well equipped gym, catering to those who want expert assistance in a private environment.

Opening in late 2016 by our founders Joe Murphy and Chris Nasr we have quickly built a reputation for our expertise in:

– Body Composition
– Rehabilitation
– Athletic Development (through our League Fit Academy program)
– Fat loss. Notably those difficult cases of chronic yo-yo dieting.

Why we started

Joe and Chris initially worked as franchised Personal Trainers at a well known gym in North Strathfield. With a large and dedicated group of clients between them, they realised that it was difficult for the majority of members to afford a gym membership, whilst paying again for PT sessions.

They also noticed that a commercial gym environment was not for everyone. Those who:

– have complex rehabilitation issues
– are introverted
– want a more personalised approach
– dislike fighting for equipment

are right at home in our gym.


What we offer

Complimentary and in-depth health and fitness assessment where you can then decide if we are the right fit for you.
Individualised programs. For Resistance Training, Flexibility and Cardiovascular Fitness. These programs are written through a combination of science and art by our expert trainers.
– Guidance on Macro Nutrients
Flexibility not offered by any other PT Studio. We believe that people should be motivated, encouraged and nurtured along their journey. With only a 24 session minimum, you will be able to train for as little, or as long as you require.

Where are we?

Like all good things, we can be a little hard to find.

Our gym is near Strathfield, on the corner of the Hume Hwy and Coronation Parade. We are in the building that used to be The Golf Clearance Outlet, now the iPOS Intelligent POS store.

To access our gym, the entrance is at the back of the building. You can either walk down the alleyway between the iPOS store and the medical centre OR if you are driving, there is plenty of 2hr car parking with direct access to our entrance via Byer Street.

Where to from here?

If you’d like to know more about personal training with Physique Transformations, please give us a call in Strathfield on 0431 589 153, or complete the form below and one of our friendly staff members will be in touch ASAP

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