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Do you want to have FUN and burn extra calories while you’re at it? Have you ever wanted to run but didn’t think you could? Do you want to experience the power and poise of Pilates?

Join Physique Transformations’ group exercise classes and you will become a part of our community and begin your journey towards hitting your goals.

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Our Walk, Jog, Run sessions are held at Henley Park, Enfield. The Pilates sessions are held outdoors in sunny weather, and in our studio when the weather is too hot/windy or rainy.

Sessions are capped at 20 participants due to Covid-19 regulations, and bookings can be made via the Mindbody app.

Testimonials from Real Clients

I have trained with Kate from Physique Transformations for 9 months. The reason I began training was for weight loss, motivation and to be able to train with my partner. Since starting, I’ve lost 10kgs and have gone from 105kg to 95kg.

Kate helped me reach my goals through targeted training. She encouraged and monitored my calories via MFP, sent texts through the week with comments/advice on calories and progress, advice on macros, stretching. Not only that, Kate also set mini goals and customising training. She had a positive, friendly manner and so I enjoyed training! Not only that, she came to my house so there is no excuses!

Since I’ve begun personal training with Kate, I feel more optimistic that weight loss is possible and sustainable without fad diets or massive lifestyle sacrifices, rather better choices and moderation.

I started training with Chris in 2009. Prior to that I had played a lot of team sport but had never done weight training. I couldn’t believe the difference the training made to my strength and toning – even just doing a one hour session per week.

Having played field hockey for over 40 years, I struggled with lower back pain and calf injuries. The strength and flexibility I have gained from my PT with Chris alleviated that completely.

For Chris, his first priority is my safety – he is always careful with my technique to ensure that I don’t injure myself. He changes the program regularly and adjusts it depending on my activities outside the gym. He is motivating without being in anyway bossy or intimidating. I feel completely comfortable training with him and would highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to try PT.

Joe’s personable and professional approach, patience and overall attitude is what makes him an outstanding Personal Trainer and mentor.
Joe helped me gain confidence in the gym and in myself by teaching me techniques from the ground up, building my strength and by always pushing me past what I thought was my limit.

Joe always implemented techniques and coaching that made me want to strive for excellence and push myself that bit more, achieving great results. Joe’s extensive exercise knowledge, food coaching and overall understanding of the body, health and fitness really differentiates him within the industry. Thanks for all your support Joe, keep up the good work!!

I trained with Chris from Physique Transformations from January 2016 until July 2016. I was unhappy with myself for a long while and the crux of this was my issues with weight. My parents and I decided that it may be best that I seek the help of a personal trainer.
Chris emphasised diet and more importantly nutrition as a big part of realising my goal. He explained that you didn’t need a complete overhaul to be healthy and comfortable with your body. He also taught me that regular exercise was key and that if you did stray from the path once or twice, it wasn’t the end of the world. He was really supportive and enthusiastic.

To date I have lost 27kg and counting. I started at 127 kg and I am now at 100 kg, just 1kg away from my goal. I am now comfortable walking into a gym and wearing nicer clothes. There is no comparison to how I felt 6 months ago. My weight problems affected not only my physical health but my mental health. I am now a happier person with a new and improved positive outlook on life.

A before and after shot of our client Adrian

Simply wonderful people working at this place, they are results driven but also realistic. From day one of getting the free consultation to even after I had to stop, they still care enough to check up on me. The reason I wanted to go with them was that they where transparent about training and price (very reasonable) and I had an end goal to lose weight for my wedding day.
The results do speak for themselves. My trainer was Angus and I do have to credit him for my best body ever and also have to mention Chris who matched me up with Angus they are an amazing team.

After scans showing narrowing of the C5/6 disc space and thoracic scoliosis plus a problem with both the right and left rotator cuffs, add arthritic knees with a torn meniscus and spurs on the right ankle; I was a mess.

My injuries stem from my military career and my enjoyment of soccer. I have been told that if I don’t have surgery on my shoulders and knees I will suffer a debilitating future.

I decided that I wanted to treat my injuries through exercise and that’s where Joe kicked in. His exercise routines have provided structural strength and added flexibility. The exercise routines have progressively been amended to accommodate for my improvement.

The training was able to get be back on the soccer field and over the course of the training we have not just focused on structural and flexibility but also added routines to increase my speed. Of course there have been added benefits, weight control, improved immune system and a happier family.

It feels very cool that I can now mix it up with youngsters half my age on the soccer field, I can bench press my body weight (70Kg), this may not sound impressive but noting I couldn’t lift 30Kg without pain, I’m pretty pleased.

I can’t impress enough on the benefits I have gained from the training provided by Joe, add a healthy diet and regular maintenance through a Chiropractor or Physio or massage to keep your structural systems purring away.

Physique Transformations Personal Training Client

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* Disclaimer: These testimonials are the individual results of Physique Transformations clients and have been supplied freely as an account of their personal experience. Physique Transformations would like to point out that individual results can vary. This depends on each patient’s physical health, diet and exercise, and strict adherence Physique Transformations programs.

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