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At Physique Transformations, our team has been carefully curated by Joe Murphy.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, knowledge and passion for all things health and fitness.

We aim for 100% satisfied clients. So if you’re not entirely happy with your training session – let us know. You’ll get that training session, and your next one, free of charge.

Joe Murphy

Head Personal Trainer

Hi my name is Joe Murphy, and this is my story.

I grew up loving sport but not actually being much good at it. My real passion was rugby league. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough talent. I was the kid who played 15 minutes on the wing once the game was beyond doubt. There’s an old joke in rugby league circles ‘what do you call someone who hangs around with footy players? A winger!’

And that was me.

I just wasn’t sporty, or athletic, or fast, or big or strong. I was tall but extremely thin, weak and slow. My dreams of being anything more than just a spectator were just that, dreams. Until I saw Rocky that is. It was Rocky 2 to be precise. During the school holidays my mum (yes mum, it’s all your fault!) took me to the video store (back when there were video stores) and I hired Rocky 2.

I was hooked. Here was someone who had what you call ‘heart’ and trained his guts out and achieved something beyond his wildest dreams.The next day I went back to the video store and hired the rest of the Rocky films and started my own journey. I began to copy everything I saw him do, and so began writing out my first programs at the age of 15.

I started to beg and borrow books, magazines and anything I could find to get information on how to train. Keep in mind this was before the age of the internet. Weights, running, boxing, interval training and pushups. Lots and lots of pushups. Then came the eating, twice what everyone my age was eating.And wouldn’t you know it. I went from playing 15 minutes a game on the wing, to playing the full game in the middle as a rangy back rower.

My first trial game after my summer training was memorable. I made 2 or 3 strong runs, including one where I beat 4 or 5 players and scored a try. The feeling was unbelievable. Wow. So this is what it feels like. I had never experienced anything like it in my life.

Within that year I earned the most improved award in the rugby league team, the best and fairest in the touch football team, made the athletic team and was captain of the cross country team. This was when I learned what work can do. If you work, and work hard, you can transform your body, your mind and achieve things that you thought were impossible.

My journey only skyrocketed from there. I realised that you didn’t have to be the most talented person out there. You had to be the one who trained the hardest, wanted it the most and that it counted if you were the last man standing running the sand hills.

That became me. I transformed myself.

I’ve been a personal trainer now for 13 years. It seemed the only logical choice for me to give the gift of what exercise can do, to as many people as possible.

My qualifications include:

– Diploma of Fitness
– Diploma of Remedial Massage
– ART Practitioner – Upper Extremities
– Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach
– Level 1 & 2 PICP Coach
– BioSignature Practitioner
– Level 1 & 2 BFI Coach
– Punch-fit Boxing Instructor
– Pre & Post Natal
– Children’s Trainer


15 Years PT Experience
Level 3 Personal Trainer – Fitness First
Fitness First PT of Year NSW winner – 2010
Newtown Jets Rugby League Representative
Owner/Founder of the League Fit Academy

In my spare time (what’s that?!) I can be found playing with my kids (I have 3), going to the cinemas, watching the Dragons play and spending time with my wife Joan. Oh and training, I love training!

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Chris Nasr

Senior Personal Trainer

From the age of 5 I started playing my all time favourite sport, Rugby League.

My passion for the sport is beyond words and was truly blessed to be able to play for some talented and successful teams.

I went on to represent the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs in the Harold Matthews Competition, Cronulla in SG Ball and Burwood

United in Bundy Cup. Being told by numerous coaches that I needed to “put on size” I took a year off and went on a challenging but rewarding journey. Following a traditional strength training regime and eating 6 meals a day (thanks mum!) I gained 10 kilos. I returned to football stronger than ever, but unfortunately after injuring my shoulder 3 times in a season, I had no choice but to hang up the boots.

My passion for the game will always be there and this is what drove me to become a Personal Trainer and to learning my trade under Joe Murphy. I want to be able to share the knowledge and experiences I gained with as many people as possible, and assist them in achieving their goals.

My qualifications include:

– Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
– Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach
– BioSignature Practitioner
– Level 1 & 2 BFI Coach
– Punch-fit Boxing Instructor
– Pre & Post Natal
– Children’s Trainer


– 8 Years PT Experience
– Level 3 Personal Trainer – Fitness First
– Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs Rugby League Representative
– Cronulla Sharks Rugby League Representative
– Burwood United Rugby League Representative

In my spare time I can be found playing in a local Oz Tag Competition, training in the Gym and watching my team, the Parramatta Eels play the greatest game of all.

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Luke Halicek

Personal Trainer

Always having a strong passion for sports from a young age, this has driven me to a career in personal training and an active lifestyle. As soon as I could start walking as a kid, I grew to love sports. My love for sports has seen me play a wide variety including soccer, athletics, futsal, AFL, touch football, oz tag, cricket, karate and kickboxing.

My family has been a big push for me as from a young age my parents signed me up for soccer, futsal and athletics. By competing in these sports my whole life, I grew to be talented and passionate as I played reps for Futsal as well as NSW and also competed in a number of events at state for athletics. Even with these sports I was motivated to go further and venture out to different sports. This is where my passion for martial arts began. My father was heavily involved in Karate and kickboxing while I was a kid and by watching and learning I decided I wanted to do it. Through 8+ years of martial arts I now am a black belt in both kickboxing and karate.

With this passion for sport, I have realised the benefits of exercise and how it can change a persons life. This is what led to me becoming a personal trainer as I want to share my experiences, enthusiasm and motivation with others. My goal in life is to make people feel good about themselves by feeling confident and comfortable in their own skins and being able to motivate someone, push them and transform their lives.

Currently I am finishing my degree in ‘Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science at Western Sydney University with plans of undertaking my Masters degree in Strength and Conditioning. I have found that by studying this degree it has given me the best knowledge and confidence to make a difference and achieve the best results for clients.


– Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science – Currently undertaking
– Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach
– First Aid

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Ashley Nasr is one of our studio Personal Trainers in Strathfield

Ashley Nasr

Personal Trainer

I have always had a passion for sport and keeping fit, this all started from as young as my primary school years. I often found my self being very competitive, accepting nothing but the best and being the best. I have played in multiple sports including: touch football, soccer, dance, softball, cross-country and athletics. But mostly I still continue my passion for playing soccer, going onto my 9th year.

Now that I am currently at University studying Sport Science I came to the realization the full benefits of exercise and how it can change people’s lives. It was this that truly fired my passion for helping others reach their full potential and making many positives and gains in their life.

As said before I am currently studying a ‘Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science’ at the Australian Catholic University. It is through completing this course that provided me with the tools to aid others who have set a goal for themselves but do not know how to achieve it for themselves.


Certificate 3 in Fitness
Certificate 4 in Fitness
First Aid
Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science

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Antoinette Kontonis

Personal Trainer / Accounts

My name is Antoinette, I am a mother of a beautiful girl.

I love to be outdoors and make every moment of the day count. I have been a social butterfly all of my life which means I love people and will give them my all.

Balance in life is hugely important to me, in exercise and enjoying all types of foods and time with my daughter.

After years of corporate work, I joined the fitness industry to help people make a long term life style change and enjoy it every step of the way. Now working at Physique Transformations, I utilise my corporate experience by working in the office 3 days a week, and then doing my Personal Training as well.


– Certificate 3 and 4 fitness
– Boxing Level 1

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Callum Ellis

Personal Trainer

Hello I’m Callum and I love health and fitness and want to help people get the results they want.

Right from a young age I’ve always been into sports and fitness. Started playing soccer when I was 5 then soon made the switch to rugby league and haven’t looked back.

I first came into the health and fitness industry through the rugby league program, League Fit Academy to strip some excess fat off and gain some strength. Having succeeded in some personal sports goal realising the extra weight training from League Fit played a massive role in my development, I fell in love with the lifestyle of fitness and sport so much that I just had to get qualified to help others in their fitness journey and sports training.

Having played SG Ball for the Balmain Tigers, I understand what it takes to put the hard work and dedication into training and I hope I can pass that on to our clients.

I love to have fun and always have a smile on my face no matter the day or time. I also really like to have a chat at the right times, but when it’s time to work we work!

My goal is still very much to play in the NRL as well as to study sport science gain even more knowledge to help athletes and everyday people with their goals.


– Certificate 3 and 4 fitness
– ASCA L1 (completing)

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Nikki is one of our most popular trainers. If you can book in with her, you won't be disappointed

Nikki Rubino

Mobile Personal Trainer

Going through my own weight loss & mindset journey over a decade ago I believe I can relate to the many thoughts & emotions one can go through upon the start of a new lifestyle adaptation. I know all the excuses in the book, heck I’ve told them to myself!

Coming from a corporate advertising background as a TV editor for 12 years I understand how busy, yet sedentary life can get and the affects this can have on the mind and body. Helping my friends and family achieve movement goals on a monthly basis left me more fulfilled than any new video on TV ever could. Which led me down the study path to take my passion to another level and help as many people as I can.

I thrive on teaching people new ways of moving, getting stronger and gaining more control of their own body!

When I’m not teaching others you’ll find me in an indoor rock climbing scenario, teaching my pet rabbit tricks, channeling my inner child down in the park learning new movement habits or creating content videos to inspire others to get out and live the life they dream!

Random Facts – so you can know about me when I come and ask you some personal questions

*I’m half Italian yet don’t like tomato or basil

*I’m petrified of ocean water

*Can’t stand the smell or taste of bananas

*I’m terrible with geography and directions

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Hannah Miskiewicz

Mobile Personal Trainer

I have always been someone to go after adventure, which explains why I am so far from my home country (America).

Having to survive and adapt in Australia has transformed me to look at fitness in the same way but also understand how to enjoy life rather than just get through it. My passion is to help unlock your inner warrior or calm yogi inside.

I want to challenge you and for you to be the best person that can allow the concept of being healthy inspire you and cause you to go after big dreams and goals. I tend to have both extremes in me when I train to learn to be a fighter to live the best life but also to learn as much as I can and enjoy the little moments.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” —C.S. Lewis.

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Jason Jasmin

Mobile Personal Trainer

Jason has always had a great passion on 3 things; Learning, People & Moving Around. He was a decent basketball player when he was a teenager; but turned to strength training during his gap year as most teenagers would, to improve his confidence physically and mentally.

However due to a lack of investment in coaches / personal trainers he developed a few imbalances, niggles and issues due to improper training practices. As a result, he went and “nerded out” as much as he could at his beloved University of Technology, Sydney eventually finishing a thesis ‘Neuromuscular Fatigue in Rugby Union’ as part of his full-time internship with the NSW Waratahs organization.

Besides his cherished university experience, he has been working as a personal trainer for 2 years and been in the gym environment for 5 years. He has also travelled overseas to network with internationally renowned coaches, trainers, rehab specialists within the field of human performance and will continue to do so when he can.

“Slow and Steady Wins the Race” – Aesop’s Fable of the Tortoise & the Hare

Consistency over Intensity therefore HEALTH = HABIT (Lifestyle)


– First Class Honours in Sport & Exercise Science

– Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach (ASCA)

– Interned with the Professional Teams of NSW Waratahs, Sydney FC and the Sydney Kings.

– Certificate 3 & 4 Fitness

– Women’s Head Strength & Conditioning Coach – Manly United Football Club

Fun Facts:

– Jason means = Healer in Greek (Extra fun fact: I love transitioning people from Rehab to High Performance and thus pursuing Physiotherapy in the near future).

– I love combat sports… don’t talk to me about the boxing or MMA scene or your ears will be chewed off.

– Big Foodie, Old Soul, Wanderlust partaker, Amateur Philosopher

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Lliana Semeri

Mobile Personal Trainer

Coming Soon


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Maurizio Bottaro, Massage Therapist

Maurizio Bottaro

Remedial Massage Therapist

I’ve participated in a variety of sporting activities from the age of 11 until now. At the age of 24 during an Aussie rules football game I damaged my right knee, cartilages and ligaments.

After that first operation I started seeing therapists such as physiotherapists and chiropractors, as my scoliosis slowly increased due to the fact that the surgeon had only repaired the cartilage and not the ligament, also I believe because I wasn’t receiving enough muscular release.

At the age of 28, when I came to Sydney in 1987 from Melbourne, I was lucky enough to be sent to an osteopath by the name of David Vivian Jones who, for the first time in many years, helped my body feel normal and started giving me an understanding of what the body goes through and why. He then sent me to have my knee repaired properly by Dr. Mervin Cross in 1992. My interests and need regarding rehabilitation and massage therapy grew, so I went to Nature Care College and completed a diploma of remedial massage with other electives being Swedish massage, Chinese massage, sports medicine and some lymphatic massage in 1993.

In 1994 I started working for David Vivian Jones two days a week and continued assisting him in around 18,000 massages until 2001 . In those eight years my knowledge of the human body and my clinical experience became immense and in 2001 I opened my own clinic in Woollahra. After living in the Eastern suburbs for 27 years and massaging there for 21 years, I’ve moved both my home and clinic to the inner West of Leichhardt. With approximately another 5,000 massages I’ve performed over the years on top of the ones for the osteopath, I’m now more experienced than ever and I still enjoy helping to take pain away from people with my hands, assisting them to a level of homeostasis by using all the techniques I’ve learnt in Muscular Skeletal Corrective Therapy.


Primarily anyone in muscular skeletal stress/pain

Then having scoliosis myself I’d say people with any kind of the aforesaid (sc)

Kyphosis Lordosis Spondoli problems etc as I’ve worked on all of these in my own family including Multiple Sclerosis and asthmatics

I’ve worked on everyone from gold medal water polo players to sailors from different Olympics as well as boxers and other sports people and then right through to CEO’s and garbologists !

In short anyone that has soft tissue problems, which 95% of us do.


The main things I do outside of work now would be: walking my goofy gorgeous 60 odd kilo puppy (a lot), playing tennis, swimming, motorbike riding to enjoy the bush, rain-forests, mountains and ocean views and totally recharge for the following week, and socialising with good friends

Also most importantly try to Live Love and Laugh every day !!!

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