PTTV Episode 2: The second of seven things you must know before hiring a personal trainer

Why does your Personal Trainer perform an assessment?

Last week we looked at if your personal trainer performs and in depth assessment, or “test”. So today, we are looking at WHY. Why do they test you? Is it to make them look good? Are they showing off? Or even worse, do they use it to manipulate you by making you feel terrible about yourself. Thereby shaming you into buying PT.

There is nothing worse than a trainer who routinely “smashes” a potential new client, in order to expose their lack of fitness. It’s shameful and unnecessary.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that if you have contacted a Personal Trainer, you already are aware you need help. Pointing out the obvious and  humiliating you in the process achieves nothing, other than making you feel terrible about yourself. That is what a good personal trainer will NOT do.

A good personal trainer will assess you thoroughly, not to shame you into buying their services, but to outline how they will get you to your desired goal. Whatever that may be. They will show you how they will support you and and encourage you. They will be your guide and your motivator. They will ensure that you are comfortable, confident and happy with your decision, and walk away feeling excited, empowered and knowing you will tackle your obstacles together.

Watch the video and let us know what you think!

We hope that this video was beneficial to you. Make sure you put this into practice and spend your money wisely so that you get the result you are after. It’s better to spend a little more money on the right trainer, than throw good money after bad.

All of our personal trainers here at Physique Transformations, are mentored personally by Joe. They all follow the processes we just and will outline during this series. So to see for yourself, please call 0421 710 880 to organise a complimentary and obligation free session today.

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