Fat loss and Beer

So we now are onto the final chapter in our 3 part series on alcohol and fat loss. Specifically about fat loss and beer.

It’s going to be a short one today as all I have to say about it is:

Stay away from it. STAY AWAY FROM BEER!

There are zero good things to say about beer. Just this week one of my clients asked if the low carb variealcohol and fat loss beerties were a better choice. I said no. The reason for this is that it still contains alcohol, which as mentioned here in part 2, causes your body a) to burn it before fat and b) to lower production of all the fat burning hormones that you want on your side.

The following is a list of if and when various forms of alcohol may be appropriate in your weight loss journey:
Someone looking to lose body fat:

None, nothing zero: optimal
1 glass of red wine every other night: ok, but not great
Any amount of spirits: Definitely slowing your progress
Even looking at a beer: Stupid, stupid, stupid!


Someone looking to maintain their weight:

1 glass of red every other day: optimal
1 or 2 drinks of spirits, the lighter coloured the better: ok, but be careful not to overdo it
Any amount of beer: Don’t do it! You’re feeling good and looking great, why ruin it!
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