Fat Loss and Alcohol – Wine

It’s always an interesting discussion with a client when we talk about diet and nutrition. And by interesting I mean enjoyable for me (I love talking about all this stuff) whilst also being informative and somewhat painful to them!

One area that causes so much of the pain is the topic of alcohol consumption. These days most people are becoming aware of the fact that breads and cereals simply aren’t your friend if you’re looking to lose weight and concede that they might need to give them a miss, at least for a while. But when it comes to alcohol some people feel that it is their birthright to have a drink or 3 a couple of times on the weekend and maybe once or twice during the week as well. Well there certainly are sometimes when alcohol can be of use to your health, there are also times, a lot of them actually, when it can be more of hindrance. So in this 3 part series we are going to have a look wine, spirits and beer and see how they affect the whole fat loss thing!


Out of the 3 kinds of alcohol that most people like to indulge in, wine is definitely the lesser evil (the others being spirits and beer). Here are some points to consider:

The Bad

  1. Too many calories, especially when consumed in large quantities.
  2. That’s it really

Jalcohol and fat loss wineust recently a long time client of mine, let’s call her Kate, who is compliant in almost everything that I ask of her recently decided to make the change (giving alcohol a miss for 6 weeks). A big yes for her and a big relief for me. Within 1 week her sleep had improved 30 to 40% and just like turning a switch on her body weight and more importantly her body fat has begun to drop. What was her secret? Well the week prior to going ‘cold turkey’ she had had 1 or 2 glasses of wine on 2 occasions during the week and then indulged herself by having 4 or more glasses once or twice over the weekend. Then simply by cutting it out the next week, she had cut out a massive amount of calories from her diet. Now while calories are not the only thing we need to look at, they are still important and wine simply has too many of them.

The Good

  1. Red is a better choice than white
  2. Contains something called resveratrol which is a great antioxidant, this means it helps to slow down the ageing process!
  3. Red wine has been associated with a reduced incidence of coronary heart disease.
  4. It’s also anti-inflammatory

Surprised? Yes, there are more good points than bad points when it comes to wine. Especially the red variety.

Well aside from people who are frequent heavy drinkers in which even red wine can and frequently does cause a whole host of health issues, a low to moderate amount of red wine can improve your health.

But remember if your aim is to lose body fat, you would be best to try avoiding it all together because of the amount of calories. If must indulge, red wine would be the best choice and anything more than 1 or 2 glasses a couple of time a week is probably too much!

Stay tuned as next time we will be talking about Spirits!

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