Fat Loss and Alcohol. Spirits

We have already talked about how wine; the red variety in particular, can be of benefit once you are at your target weight, so the question is: Do alcoholic spirits such as scotch or vodka have the same positive qualities?

Unfortunately the flat out answer is no, there are no known health benefits to consumption of any kind of spirits, no matter how exotic or expensive they may be! However, there are plenty of nasty effects associated with alcohol when it comes to burning fat and toning up such as:

  • Alcohol consumption lowers testosterone production. And yes this matters to women as well as men. Testosterone is one of a few hormones that helped you to lose fat and tone up, so obviously you want your body to produce the optimal amount of this fat burning hormone. Alcohol, particularly spirits and beer will lower testosterone and thus lower your ability to lose that body fat.
  • Alcohol is processed before fat, protein and carbs. Therefore when you drink, you slow down the fat burning process because your body has to burn off the alcohol first!Alcohol and Fat loss
  • Alcohol consumption disrupts normal sleep patterns. This in turn lowers Growth Hormone – the other fat burning hormone.

That being said, if you must drink spirits, it should only being done once you are at your goal weight and body fat. You should also aim to drink the clearer variety. Basically, the darker the spirit, the worse it is for you.

Next we will talk about BEER – I know a few of you who are excited about that one! Not…

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