Dumbbell Chest Press

The dumbbell chest press is one of the best upper body exercises ever and believe me when I say that this is definitely not a ‘guys only’ exercise! It will tone up both your shoulders and your arms while strengthening your chest and when done back to back with a lower body workout its one of the most effective fat burners out there!

First you need a flat bench (you don’t need a fancy bench, you could even lie on the floor!) and a set of dumbbells (or DB for short.) Start with a light pair (you can get them from your local exercise shop) if it’s the first time you have ever done this exercise just to get used to the movement.

Step 1: Grab the DB and lie back flat on the bench.
Step 2: When holding the dumbbells the palms of your hands should be facing each other. You should also start with the top part of the DB lightly touching the top of your shoulder. This is how far down you should bring the dumbbells on each repetition.
Step 3: Press the dumbbells away from you towards the sky, exhaling out as you do so. It should only take 1 second to get them to the top. Once you arms are fully straightened slowly lower the dumbbells on a count of 4 seconds. Once you reach the bottom position again, be sure not to bounce the weight but rather use a nice smooth action to press the dumbbells back up again.
Step 4: Once you have complete your target number of reps, slowly lower the dumbbells to the ground. Do not drop them as its loud, it damages the dumbbells and it’s just very ‘uncool!’

Dumbbell Chest Press  IMG_2482

Note: The ‘tempo’ used in this example is 4010. This means ‘4’ seconds to lower the weight, ‘0’ seconds rest at the bottom, ‘1’ second to raise the weight and ‘0’ seconds rest at the top.

So off you go and get stuck into this great exercise, just be aware that the first few times you do it may result in a bit of soreness through your chest but don’t stress, the more you do it the less sore you will be!

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