Exercise for Mums

Let’s get the important message out there. Happy Mother’s Day for this coming Sunday!

Mums make the world go round and without them we’d be lost. They work themselves to the bone for the family and I’m here to say that mum’s need more than one day to celebrate their awesomeness. But seeing we only have one, I want to address a common theme I hear in regards to exercise and mum’s not taking (or making) time for themselves.

I hear mothers say they ‘don’t have the time’ for fitting exercise into their busy schedules quite often. However I believe fitting a workout in is important for your sanity (who doesn’t want interruption free time?), your health (keeping up with kids is hard work!) and giving your children a good example showing that you place a high priority on your health and well being. Mums I have spoken to who have changed their mindset and found the time to exercise, can’t believe they didn’t make the change earlier.

So to make exercise for mums a priority we need a few things to happen:

1. Prioritise
Exercise is easy to fob off to ‘tomorrow’. But shift around your calendar and free up some time on a day or two (or more!) that is your designated ‘exercise day’. You know it, the family will know it and make it part of your routine.

2. The Kids
We all have different ways and means, but there is generally a way you can get out for a run. This could be: when you or your husband get home from work, visit your local gym with a crèche, use days that your child is in care, after the kids go to bed, before the kids wake up, ask a relative or friend to watch the littlies – the possibilities are endless. Look at your schedule and figure out what works for you.

3. Goals
I go on about goals a lot. A. LOT. Even if it is something simple, do it, as it makes you feel pretty awesome when you achieve it. So go on, write them down somewhere where you will see it often, (the fridge is always good!) and when you achieve it, move the goal posts. (e.g. ‘Run 2km without stopping’ then change it to ‘run 5km in under 30mins’). You will amaze yourself, and before you know it you’ll be signing up for the Colour Run and listing running as an enjoyed hobby!

4. Commitment
Have someone hold you accountable. Get a running partner, sign up for a gym membership – something that holds you accountable and keeps you honest.

5. Reap the Rewards
Before long you will notice the difference and so will others. Prepare to be refreshed, energetic and wait for the comments and compliments!

NOTE: The type of exercise you take on is dependent on your fitness level and what you want to improve.

I DO want to mention that cardio is great, but so is lifting weights. If you want to ‘tone up’ you will only get that by doing weights. Women don’t get big and bulky like men do, you don’t have the testosterone levels to make it happen. To get those great arms, lean legs etc… doing weights is an important addition to your exercise routine.

So what are you waiting for mum?

This Mother’s Day give yourself a present. Give yourself some ‘you’ time each week. It clears your head, refreshes your mind, body and soul. Go on, you deserve it.

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